Thinspiration Goals


Turning to Hollywood starlets is probably not the best measure of realistic "thinspiration." But every week, I faithfully (and jubilantly!) buy celeb mags looking at all the slim, gorgeous women. I'm overtly jealous of their rail thin, over-stylized, airbrushed photos. I know that this is simply not, nor will ever be, a reality for me. But I secretly wish that that reality was not true. Sometimes I think the celeb magazines are distracting and set me up to feel bad about myself - and how can I be successful at achieving my perfect weight when I don't feel good about myself? I WANT TO INSPIRE MYSELF!

I want to take better care of myself. For health, for beauty, and for the love of ME :) I will do cardio for at least 45 mins/day [in addition to any dance rehearsals and performances]. I will strength train 3x/week. I will eat healthfully [avoiding junk/fast food]. I will eat breakfast daily. I will drink 4L/water daily. I will CHOOSE to be ACTIVE in ALL situations.


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