Now that I'm about six months into this pregnancy gig, I'm getting kinda bored. I think I can describe this emotion as "Preggo Fatigue". Being pregnant is a full-time job. It's all I can think about night & day.

When I "sleep" [and I use that word VERY liberally as I can hardly sleep through the night], I'm worried that I'm going to kill my baby. I once read that I should sleep on my left side, so when I wake up on my back or my right side I stress that I've killed my bebe. OR when I actually maintain the left side sleeping position, I'm aching from pain. I've got a body pillow, but despite my best efforts, it ends up on the floor.

In the daytime, I'm constantly worried about everything - from the food I'm eating [or shouldn't be eating!], my LACK of exercise, my growing belly, little aches, and exhaustion management. Further, I find myself constantly answering questions about my pregnancy to strangers: "When are you due?", "Oh, a New Years baby! You'll get your picture in the paper, won't you?", "Do you know what you're having?", "Are you planning on a natural birth?" That last question is probably the most offensive - I mean, when is it ok to discuss my vajayjay with complete STRANGERS? How about NEVER? It's like a pregnant women's body is all of sudden an open book, with any topic up for discussion. I don't mind most questions, but asking personal questions about my birth plan is tasteless.

Oh! Another one of my "favourites" is when strangers give you their unsolicited opinion re: finding out the baby's gender. Some people are so judgmental about finding out the baby's gender. This also includes U/S technicians. They always tell me, "I don't understand why women want to know. It's more important that the baby's healthy." My response is that these inquiries aren't mutually exclusive. I get the impression that they think I'm a bad mom because I'm curious whether I'm having a boy or girl! Of course I care about my baby's health!

Since I'm getting bored of constantly thinking and talking about my pregnancy, I need some combat strategies. I'm teaching and dancing a lot, and I'm busy with my church calling. I'm going to start reading the "Twilight" series too. I've been also keeping myself busy with my scrapbooking and paper crafts. Any other ideas to fight preggo fatigue???


spart September 25, 2008 at 8:19 AM  

I think you should watch CSI. That would combat any kind of boredom. Not to mention the cast is hot.

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