RELAXIN...Nope not THAT kind...


That's right - RELAXIN. Not relaxing. Relaxin is the horomone that's been plaguing my pelvis for the last 3 weeks. I googled my symptoms and thought that I was going to be fine, but my doctor thought otherwise. I'm now almost 34 weeks pregnant, and my doctor said that if I just push through the pain, my delivery may be unbearable. So he referred me for physio and massage therapy.

Tonight was my first session with Dodi [I was so happy "Dodi" was a girl!]. She taught me some interesting, but simple exercises to strengthen my abs and back. Throughout the day I have to do these ab exercises. Dodi was very impressed by my ability to isolate my lower abs so quickly. I think it's because my years of bellydancing! The exercise she taught me were not too different from some bellydance moves ;)

Now it's on to massage therapy. Massages aren't generally "my thing." I don't like people touching me. But massages helped me 3 yrs ago when I had the herniated disc in my back. So I'm willing to try it.


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