Wow - it's been a long time!


Long time, no blog. My life is crazy busy - just like everyone else, I know. Anyway, here's a re-cap of the last few weeks:

  • Thanksgiving was great! We had a family dinner @ our new house thanks to Adair! That guy can cook a turkey
  • We had a family outing to the pumpkin patch. We also picked apples. I LOVE FALL!!!
  • Everyone in my house got a cold, but of course, over-worked and under-rested Mummy got it the worst and even had to work from home one day. Still trying to recover, but feeling human again. Back to the gym tomorrow
  • Got tendonitis in my foot and knee. Not running. Will start up tomorrow since it's feeling better.
  • Ezra is babbling a lot. A LOT. He likes to use his voice. His current favourite "word" to repeat is "Ball" or "bob". Still hasn't mastered Mama or Dada.
  • Ezra has taken to mimicking us, whether we laugh or cough, he tries to do the same as you
  • I haven't really lost any more weight. I've been "cheating" a lot because I felt ill and physically and emotionally depleted. I feel better now, so I'm back on track.
  • I just spent a wonderful weekend at a workshop with the amazing Aziza - she's a beautiful dancer and a fantastic teacher. She has such a bright smile and knows how to teach in an inspiring and articulate way. I'm so excited!
  • @ Church, we had Young Women in Excellence yesterday and the YW did an amazing job and worked so hard on their Personal Progress projects. I'm so proud of their efforts!
  • We painted our entire main floor and powder room - still lots of work to do, but it looks GOOD!
  • On the house front, we've pretty much finished the living room (paint, furniture, and...TV - yep, I got the flat screen I've been coveting since we've moved in!)
  • I had my big, long-awaited appointment with a 2nd neurologist and my femoral nerve is now in the "normal" category! My leg is still weak, but it's getting better! No permanent damage!
Well, there you have it! I'll try to be a better blogger. Maybe I'll even start taking pictures again!


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