Easter Tipping


Adair's annual tradition is Egg Tipping every Easter. I've never really understood the point, but it's a big deal to him {well not enough that he bought any eggs for it or anything!}, so it's going to be a TRADITION in our home.

First you dye the eggs. We're not that fancy, so we just used regular food dye.

EZ wanted to get into the action too! He even had his own spoon!

The 6 expired eggs we had were perfectly dyed into lovely Spring-y, pastel colours. Bring on Easter!

Once the eggs are dyed, you and another person tap the tips of your eggs together, and whoever's egg cracks first loses. Is that how it works?

EZ thought this was a very fun game indeed!


Mary April 18, 2010 at 10:39 PM  

You have it, alright. And those old eggs work best for peeling after. Grampas generally win. Wins what you ask? Well...nothing, just wins. It helps to know how many eggs the Easter Bunny hides as those cute coloured eggs can really stink if not found.

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