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Ezra is growing up so incredibly fast, and in so many ways. He's almost 22 months and has changed so much in the last couple of weeks.

He's now in size 3 clothes.  

Here's his new Church sweater from The Children's Place.  It has matching socks too!

 He's grown out of his shoes

These are Maddox shoes by Pediped. So good for little feet and new walkers. Hopefully worth the money!

Hatley rubber boots! On sale and so cute!

His vocabulary is expanding. Ez now repeats absolutely everything we say.  He mimics us in his own way as he's learning to understand his world.  He speaks in sentences, but we just don't understand what he's saying...yet.  When we ask him to repeat what he said, he says the exact same thing. It's defintiely not jibberish to him :)


He's learning how to joke, play games and even try to negotiate. And sometimes he breaks out into song!  He was absolutely hilarious tonight.  We were watching him eat his raisin toast, then he "snuck" his bottle behind his back and asked us, "Where's the bottle?" We'd ask him where the bottle went, then he'd grab it from behind his back and yell, "TA DA!" So cute!  

Later we were singing a song from our Church's nursery program, and he knew it! He sang it and knew the actions {Do As I'm Doing for those LDS followers!}.  I was amazed! Then we sang "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes", and he followed along!  Lastly we sang, "Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam", and he jubilantly sang and did the actions!  This kidlet is awesome.
He's a kid now, not a little baby anymore.  We are so grateful for him.


Bronwyn October 25, 2010 at 7:54 AM  

Breaking into song is so much fun. How nice he has such songs in his growing repertoire. How cute is that. Pretty clever little game he was playing on you. I love the sweater with the tie on the outside. I remember Doug and Graeme having quite the struggle at church one day, as Graeme tried to pull Doug's tie outside his sweater where it belonged, in Graeme's 3 year old mind. What is the point of a lovely tie hidden away. Graeme still loves ties and would approve of Ezra's fashion statement. Cute little rubber boots and so convenient for a little kid to work on their independence. He has a lot of hair now. And the Shrek hat is too cute. All in all a pretty sweet little bundle of sunshine.

And this is Mary by the way. Just wait until Ezra is old enough to mess with your e-mail and forget to change it back. Teenagers!

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