New Kitchen Chairs!


Hello folks! Thanks for still following my DIY adventures, even when I'm quiet. Life is hectic {doesn't EVERYONE say that?!}, so something had to give for a little while -- and for me, it was my blog and DIY projects. Thanks for your indulgence.

Even though this here bloggy-blog has been on the backburner, I've still been working on a few things. Our latest addition has been our new kitchen chairs! I love them...WAIT TILL YOU HEAR WHAT I PAID FOR THEM!!

The brief backstory is that in January we decided to sell our large counter-height dining set. It was awesome for entertaining, but it was ultimately TOO big for our kitchen. 

I have *three* (ahem!) other kitchen tables in my basement -- yes, you read that correctly. I'm a furniture hoarder, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

I tried out an oak oval table for awhile, which I planned to DIY-ify awesomely, but it didn't feel right.  Ultimately, we settled on a parson-style wenge wood table. But I didn't have the right chairs. Then the two month Grand Hunt for Cool Kitchen Chairs began.

I found a couple contenders, specifically these two cool metal chairs from Crate & Barrel. 
Images via Crate & Barrel

I was completely in love with the Lyle chair, but they are $259 each. And Big A wasn't a big fan, so we decided to keep searching. I hunted every HomeSense, Kijiji and furniture store searching for the perfect kitchen chair.

Then I had a stroke of genius. I decided to get back to my roots - my favourite mid-century modern chair. The classic white Panton chair. Since I cannot afford the real thing, I searched online and found the best price of $100 each on Kijiji.

THEN I remembered that awhile ago I saw faux Panton chairs at Kitchen Stuff Plus.  I went to the website and sure enough, there they were. And on CLEARANCE of $40 EACH!

I couldn't order them online, so I went to my nearest store only to find out that they are practically sold out. I convinced the store to sell me their floor model for 10% off, then I schlepped to 3 other stores, convincing them to do the same. I pretty much cleared out Ontario of ALL the KSP Panton-style chairs :)

So for $160 (taxes included!), I now have FOUR cool, kid-friendly, easy-to-clean, kitchen chairs.

What do you think?


Kelly February 29, 2012 at 9:01 AM  

Nice work, Maggie!!! They look supper fantastic.

Colleen March 28, 2012 at 3:26 PM  

I adore the new chairs and what a great price!

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