for some reason i'm mute


I want to be witty & artful....

So - my first belly dance performance has come & gone...and it was FANTASTIC! What a rush. I completely love performing. We're dancing again this weekend @ another local event. I just rec'd a global email from my teacher re: forming a performance troupe and I REALLY want to be selected. I feel so drawn to the art of belly dance. It just feels natural, but it's a wonderful challenge to "nail" the moves.

What a crazy week it's been. I had a meltdown last week, and I've been building myself up again. I've been trying to focus my thoughts on perfection in all aspects of my life -- my body - my ART - my dance - my career - my Spirituality. I just don't want to have to WORK so hard at my career anymore. There is so much more I want to do w/ my life. My scrapbook business needs some work. I definitely have goals for myself. I wish myself endless energy & confidence to achieve ALL of my ambitions. I'm receiving ALL good things into my life.

Additionally, we're also focusing on starting a family. Another thing to think about, but it's not a stressor - it's a PLEASURE! I'm so excited to get pregnant! I think my life will DRAMATICALLY change for the better. Having a little one will be a challenge, but I desperately need a change.

It's funny that I don't write in here more often. I often observe fuuny things during the day that deserve to be blogged, but once I sit at the computer - I feel mute. I want to CHANGE that and channel my CREATIVITY and ENERGY!


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