Memories of me


More than week in the house now, and we're still sorting through boxes. I'm amazed how much stuff we've accumulated. I feel like my writing has seriously suffered over the past while. I really blame law school and being a lawyer. It has really sucked the joy, sunniness, & frivolity of my past life. Or maybe...I'm just getting older. But I find it hard to believe how my creativity can be so stunted. Words used to flow - create magic on the page. I long to have the succulent style that used to define me when I was fun & fabulous. I feel boring, sterile and predictable.

"What does love feel like? I imagine love to be simple, yest acutely complex; fluid, yet thick; supernatural, yet starkly real; spilling over, yet just enough. I want to be fully met on every level by my partner. I want to be sloppy & seep out the edges. I want to do backbends and headstands, and sing wildly. I want love to be too much. I want to be frightened and comforted by love. I want to believe and trust and dance." - April 12, 2000

As we put together my scrapbooking room tonight, I dreamed of the day when I can work from home with my own custom scrapbook design business - Scrapendipity. I can CREATE and CONTROL my life...

I want SARK. I want Sabrina Ward Harrison. I want to publish. I want to CREATE. I want to live a FULL life that is joyful & optimistic & bright.


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