Acting Differently....


What I love most about being alone is that I have time to think about my life, write about my perfect life and fantasize about my future. Also - I'm free to watch endless episodes of Sex & the City re-runs without anyone complaining. I've decided in my time here in London, that I'm going to do only 3 things differently every week to support my goal of achieving my perfect weight of 127 lbs.

  1. Dress up everyday [I always feel better when I look fierce!]
  2. Drink 3L/water daily
  3. No food after 8 pm
I figure that if I adopt 3 new habits then soon enough I'll be a whole new and improved person!

I'm also researching bellydance costumes online. I've got to figure something out about copious amounts of fringe to camoflage my belly roll [which soon will be flat as Saskatchewan!] But in the mean time, I need some sequins and fringe to distract the eye from my muffin top!


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