Life changes


I'm thinking about change. Change of body, change of scenery, change of atmosphere, change of career...CHANGE is just about every aspect of my life. Change, however, is scary and uncomfortable. I'm aching to change. I'm excited to change. But what am I changing???

My Body - slim, muscular, lean, long, cared-for

My Clothes - glamorous, thoughtful, be-jewelled, sophisticated

My Work - artful, creative, independent, successful

My Mind - positive, brilliant, articulate, well-read

My Home - tidy, organized, chic, comfortable

I think I missed my calling in advertising or magazines. I think I would be brilliant at that - a cool mix of fashion, celebrity, colour, art, & creativity. But unfortunately, I don't want to to work those kinds of hours anymore. Maybe I would like it if I were decently compensated and I was passionate about my work!

Oh! I'm also thinking of getting a tattoo... I don't know why, but I'm craving a tattoo. I've never even considered getting one before. What would I get? I think the downsides of getting a tattoo are overwhelming [it's against my religion, I'm too fat and it'll stretch out really ugly, it's going to look horrible when I'm older], but the intrigue still exists...


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