Preparing for Joshi Detox


So - here I go. I'm doing it! I'm going to do the Joshi Detox. It's going to take a lot of preparation & time in the kitchen, but I'm looking forward to it. Other friends have completed the detox and have raved about its benefits. The shops are closed because it's Labour Day today so I haven't had a chance to pick up all my organic produce. What I don't like about the book is that I don't really know what I can eat - it tells me what I can't it, but I'm not entirely sure what I can eat. The key to this detox is preparation. I love fresh, whole foods - delicious produce, grains, yogurt., white meats, fresh water, refreshing herbal teas, etc.

I'm excited to feel rejuvenated and full of energy. I'm excited to treat my body with respect and live the life I'm meant to lead. I want to fill my body with goodness and wholeness. I always want to keep active and prepare my body for a long, healthy life.


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