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The long weekend is waning. So much to blog about, but I've blanked AGAIN on all my ideas. We went to grandma's for Thanksgiving and it was lovely to be with all the family, but it was FREEZING! I also noticed that our family lacks real traditions, especially for such a meaningful holiday like Thanksgiving. I'm not being critical, just observant. I spoke to DH and we decided to create some of our own traditions with our own family. Speaking of which, we're TTC again. We'll see how that goes. We have a lot of research to do.

I started running in the mornings w/ a buddy last week. It went well and I'm very excited to continue! With all my rehearsals and running, I'm going to be impossibly fit and chic in no time.

We're so excited for our trip! 32 days! I can't wait for the shopping in the souks! I'm going to buy laterns, tea sets, bellydance costumes, slippers, sandals, purses, fabric, etc! I'm hopeful the colours are as vibrant, the smells are as aromatic, and the sites are as memorable as I imagine them to be.


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