After months of feeling "blah", I think I'm finally starting to feel better. I'm now planning the nursery and getting really excited for the bebe.

I drove down to the US yesterday because their selection of baby items is so much better than Canada's. I ended up buying the adorable bedding set pictured in this post. The problem is that it's for a GIRL! And I don't know what sex my bebe is just yet.

My u/s from a few week's ago was tragically inconclusive. The naughty alien bebe had it's legs crossed [so lady-like and modest!]. I still think it's a girl, so I bit the bullet and purchased the gorgeous, modern, Moroccan-tile inspired, and deliciously un-kid-like it is. I'm not a fan of crazy animals, boring neutrals and pastels, and other supposedly "cute" kidlet bedding. So ugly! I figure if I have to spend a lot of time in this nursery, the decor better be chic and sophisticated. I also read that bold patterns, like this black and white print, is both mesmerizing and stimulating for the little bebe.

I SHOULD find out this Saturday re: the kidlet's sex. I booked an u/s at a private clinic - $100 for 10 mins! This baby better not act up again. Maybe I'll drink a can of coke first to ensure the baby is lively!

My mom was worried that I'm hoping too much for a girl and I'll be really disappointed if it's a boy. Not true. I'll just be happy KNOWING one way or the other. As for my crib bedding set, I'm delighted that I got exactly what I wanted, but it's easy to return if necessary. Just another trip back to NY - and who doesn't like another shopping trip???


Shop Girl* August 17, 2008 at 10:13 PM  

I love the bedding... I hope you take pictures of the nursery once you have it set up! :)

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