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Photo courtesy of EZ's amazing caregiver Andrea!

I can't believe that this month is half over! Our to-do list is rapidly growing as we're now getting in the Holiday spirit. We are probably putting up the Christmas tree next week. But where are we going to put it in our new house?

Ezra is doing really well. His swimming class resumes next week. Next Saturday is his last Kindermusik class. He's a very musical boy {please pray he doesn't end up an engineer!} and he loves his music class. He enjoys playing {with} the instruments like the drums and chime ball. When the chime ball was brought out this past class, he called out, "Ball, ball." Ahhh, my kid's a genius!

Speaking of ...well, speaking, Ezra is on the verge of saying something. He's just brimming to get those words out and tell his mummy all about the adventures he has. So far though, he's just saying "Bah", "Mah", "Gaga" {especially when I'm blasting Bad Romance!}.

EZ had a special Wee Ones photo session with Gigi yesterday. We can't wait to see how those pics turned out. Of course, little EZ was a ham. As soon as Gigi's camera started clicking, EZ was posing, giggling and waving to us! He's a natural born talent!

Dad's been working a lot these past couple weeks, so EZ and I have been home and enjoying our time together. We miss him when he travels.

I think we're all caught up now. Hopefully my blogging will be more frequent. I'm trying hard to become more familiar with my iPhone!


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