2009 Year in Review


Everyone else is doing it, so why can't we?

  • EZ - Our little guy came to us in January and our world came alive! And hasn't stopped since! Everyday is a new adventure! We are gaga over our little guy!
  • Learning to be a mum in my own way {learning to take other people's advice with a grain of salt and adding my own twist to conventional parenting!}
  • Being able to regain use of my legs {no cane/walker/shower seat!}
  • Selling our old house and buying our NEW HOUSE!
  • Spending LOTS of AMAZING TIME with FAMILY {you are all so WONDERFUL! Thank u!}
  • Exploring our new town - we just love it here!
  • Getting an iPhone has been pretty great! Learning to use it is another thing!
  • Traveling via airplane to Timmins and BC with a 6 month old!
  • Speaking of which, EZ also traveled with daddy to Nova Scotia {his wee toes were dipped in both the Pacific & Atlantic oceans!}
  • Performing with my wonderful Bellydance troupe again {I heart you ladies!}
  • Re: Bellydance - taking workshops with both Jim Boz and Aziza were AWESOME!
  • Spending more quality time with girlfriends
  • Losing 30 lbs and starting to run again!
  • Twitter. So. Much. Fun!
  • Gaining more confidence in the kitchen. I can bake and cook some meals now. This is a vast improvement!
  • Oohhh! The Britney Spears concert was FUN!
  • Christmas at home was just lovely this year - 1st time!
  • Finding the time to read again
  • Making the most of my maternity leave - LOTS of time with EZ {walks, playtime, classes etc}
  • Making the most of going back to work {Thanks to Andrea and my amazing work colleagues!}
  • Oh! And 210 blog posts last year ain't too shabby either!


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