a update on the random happenings of our family


  • Things on the homefront are back to normal.
  • EZ is 100% and no residual effects from his episode last weekend.
  • EZ's starting to walk. More than just 2 steps at a time. He's up to about 6 steps, then realizes he's walking and drops to his knees. He loves to kick a soccer ball {or any ball for that matter}, so learning to walk/run will make kicking the ball much more fun.
  • EZ LOVES bread. He's a bit of a carb-loader {like his mum??}. He doesn't seem to discriminate between baguettes, tortillas or just regular bread.
  • I took a First Aid course this weekend {much to my chagrin}, but it was surprisingly awesome. I feel like I have much more knowledge and confidence, should anything happen. Well, that may be a stretch, but at least I have an idea what to do!
  • EZ started his Kindermusik class this past weekend. He LOVES it {of course!} - thanks to Nana and Grandad for helping us with this class!
  • I canceled my Miami trip this week {seemed a little selfish and indulgent to be sunning myself in Florida when EZ was in the hospital last week}. Instead I'll be hanging out near home, spending time with EZ, going to the gym, getting more practice at BellyUp!, and pampering myself {spa, tanning, mani/pedi/wax/hair}!
  • My girlfriend and I are going to a Spa in wine country - I'm going to have a treatment called "Dark Chocolate Mousse Body Wrap and Facial" - WOWZA!
  • I'm excited for the TWO weddings we're going to this weekend!


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