Valentine's Day 2010


Earlier this week, Adair and I had a conversation about Valentine's Day. This conversation abruptly ended when Adair said, "Oh. Do we still do that?"

Ummmm. Yah. Seriously.

I sent him forwards of email deals to Niagara-on-the-Lake, theatre tickets, links to jewelry, and even droned on about how I need an Egyptian-style bellydance costume.

I don't think he understood my not-so-mild pushing for a decent Valentine's gift. I don't think I even got anything last year.

It was hard to listen to my work colleagues discuss their Valentine's Day plans. One of my male colleagues is having 5 dozen roses delivered to his wife's work, then they're driving back to where they met at law school, and reliving their 1st Valentine's Day together. Same restaurant and same movie theatre. So romantic.

So I got him a card. Nothing else. I didn't want to set a bad example.

But Adair came through, the best he could without any help. He got me a card, chocolates and pretty flowers.

I am admittedly hard to buy for. I usually buy myself whatever I want, whenever I want it.

Maybe next year, diamond studs or a little necklace from Tiffany? Or maybe next year, I'll take the lead and show my husband how Valentine's Day can be done. Around Valentine's Day 2003 is the day we started dating, so it's kind of an anniversary for us.


Anyway, here's a list of 14 things that I love:
  1. My son - my bf - EZ
  2. My husband, family, and my dog Gingy
  3. Fresh food - especially when I make it!
  4. Red velvet cupcakes
  5. Running in the early morning
  6. Arabic music and bellydancing - oh and hummus! I heart the Middle East!
  7. Etsy
  8. Fresh Magazines
  9. IKEA
  10. Design blogs
  11. My iPhone
  12. Trashy, guilty pleasure TV shows {Survivor, Real Housewives, etc}
  13. The Tour de France.
  14. Travelling. Anywhere. Anytime.


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