EZ is 14 months today


Our little guy is growing right before our eyes.

I now understand when parents say kids grow too fast. In the last month, there have been amazing changes with EZ. This kid is growing up.

Here's a list of EZ's current favourite things:
  • Singing and chatting with us in the car. He's stringing together multiple syllables, just like he's having a conversation.
  • French bread. Whole wheat.
  • The Letter "B" - and everything that begins with "B" {ie. ball, bottle, broom, bear etc.}
  • Music. Kindermusik classes. His wooden drum, chimeballs, and jingle sticks. Oh, and Lady Gaga - particularly Bad Romance.
  • Running. Especially running to kick the ball.
  • Opening doors.
  • Sesame Street & The Wiggles.
  • Reading in his orange chair in his room.
  • Colouring pretty pictures for mum & dad.
  • Chasing Ginger up the stairs. Also feeding Ginger her treats.
  • Playing at the park and going for walks to get the mail.
  • His new Horse-y harness, so he can roam a bit freer when we're out {More deets to come in another post}.


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