Master Bedroom Updates


Since getting our new house last year, there are about a million little things that we need to do to make it *just perfect*. It's definitely a work in progress, but I've really learned a few small changes make a big impact.

There's a little nook just before you walk into our ensuite bathroom and we thought this would be a perfect spot for a little desk.

I do have dreams of writing my great book at a desk in my bedroom.

I knew wanted a desk with fancy, curvy legs. I found several desks, but due to budget constraints, I had to keep it recessionista chic. I mean, who wants to drop $500 on a desk anyway?

Here's my budget-friendly solution: I got the "desk" at Ikea - it's a white table top for $20 and the legs were $10 each. So that's $60 altogether. From Bouclair Home, I got the mirror on sale for $30 {I adore anything with peacocks!}, and the small lamp was $25.

I'm also trying to branch out from owls, so I'm giving elephants a try. Kinda goes with our Modern Moroccan theme for our bedroom anyway. Not that there's elephants in Morocco, but Morocco is in Africa - does that count?

A close-up of my fab mirror. So cute! Did I mention that I LOVE peacock feathers?

The final touch on my desk area will be a chair. I need to find the perfect chair. Here's what I dreaming of right now:


Next, I wanted to tackle the window coverings in our bedroom. Here's what our window coverings looked like before we moved in.

Dark. Heavy. Drab.

When we moved in, we immediately removed the dark drapes and eventually painted the room. The previous owners painted it a golden taupe colour, but we wanted to really lighten it up.

We painted it White Down from Benjamin Moore.

Then we had to tackle the ugly, nay HIDEOUS blinds.

I think they were trying to match the dark Brazilian hardwood floors. Epic fail. The colour of these blinds is like a purpley, brown eggplant - the colour grade 8 girls use to colour their hair for the first time. ICK.

Here's what the same window looks like after we removed the blinds, and put up some gorgeous drapery. I waited for a sale, so I got the drapery panels 2 for 1! So $60 for each window! {There's another window not pictured :)}. It's hard to tell from this photo, but the drapery is a silvery taupe with a darker gray pattern on it called "Medina" - perfect for our Modern Moroccan theme, no?

This is as far as we've gotten with these area of the master bedroom.
Here's our remaining to-do list:
  • Buy vinyl wall decals: headboard, wall
  • Buy/recover Louis or Bergere style chairs
  • Buy bigger night table lamps
  • Put in pot lights
  • Buy/create art work
  • Buy a vintage Moroccan wedding blanket
  • Buy desk chair


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