New York Family Fun - Part One


A few weeks ago, we went to NYC to visit our amazing friends Eujean, Michael and their cute daughter Sarah. It was SO much fun to go as a family! We haven't been to NYC in a long time, and definitely never with a 17 month old child!

We left on Friday after work {ok, maybe a few hrs before work was supposed to end}, waited in line for 2 hrs at Customs at the the airport, and made it in NYC in record time. EZ was SO good on the plane. I didn't know what he'd be like since it's been about 9 months since he flew. He was very well behaved, enjoyed seeing the airplanes and looking out the window to see the clouds!

We had a driver pick us up in a big, black Suburban and drove us to the hotel where we stayed with our friends! Our hotel was GREAT! Very well-appointed and such a convenient Midtown location!

Our friends graciously agreed to put EZ down, while Adair and I walked to Times Square for fun. We had a lovely time amongst all the Times Square craziness! I finally got the Fossil watch I've been eyeing! I heart shopping @ 11pm in NYC!

On the walk home, we went to found this amazing pizzeria selling really authentic Italian pizza - you know the kind of place where they only have thin crust Margherita, but you wouldn't want anything else? It was to die for! I keep thinking about it!

More pics to follow in another post!


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