NYC - Part 3


On Sunday morning we went to church in the Upper East Side. The building was nice, but let's just say I expected more from the service. It was like Logan, UT was transplanted to NYC - and that is NOT a good thing. Sacrament meeting was a travesty. I won't say more...

After the disappointing church service, we enjoyed an amazing lunch at 5 Napkin Burger! I seriously had the BEST burger I've ever eaten! A 10 oz fresh ground chuck, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and rosemary aioli on a soft white roll.

Are you salivating yet?

After lunch, we all walked through Times Square, then we went back to Central Park to relax and enjoy the hot weather in the afternoon. We found a nice place to nap in the shade. It was truly lovely.

We had a lazy Sunday evening, and got great, Italian take-out. It was an awesome, relaxing Sunday.

Monday morning we went to the American Museum of Natural History. EZ loved to see the animals and dinosaurs! It was a GREAT museum! After the museum, we had a delicious lunch at a deli, then sadly, it was time to go!

Below are just a few pictures from the museum. We didn't take many photos after the first day! Oh well, stay tuned for some cute videos of EZ at the airport!


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