A Day in the life of Mummy on Vacation


Today was my 1st day of being home all day with EZ (solo, no less!). We had a fun day today.

EZ woke up around 7:30am, then we played with his toys until it was time for breakfast. Breakfast was organic mini blueberry waffles, plain Balkan yogurt, and milk.

After breakfast, we got dressed, put on our sunscreen and played outside. But it was 40 degrees by 9am this morning, which makes playing outside pretty unbearable. We managed okay though because we had lots of ice water.

After playing, we went to the post office to send a letter, then did groceries. The grocery store was FULL of mommies and their children. EZ had lots of smiles for everyone. We got lots of delicious, summery food.

When we got home, EZ was VERY helpful with unloading the groceries. He quickly realized he couldn't carry the bags, so he'd grab one item and bring it to me. He brought me the bananas, yogurt, and apples all by himself. I hope this helpfulness continues...

We had a quick lunch of chicken quesadillas with cherries for dessert, then watched Sesame Street (2nd episode today), then it was time for a nap. I probably I should've had a nap too, but instead I watched the Food Network and House Hunters on HGTV, all while I cut up veggies and fruit. It inspired me to consider buying an apron. I've been wanting a classic full apron for awhile, but the ones in the stores are hideous -- not the vintage chic I'm going for.

So I looked on etsy.com {my favourite website!} and found some very cute, fun, and chic aprons.

This is the one I ended up buying. It has Mid Century Modern furniture on it! SO ME!!!

I also loved this lemon one, which combined with the Italian cooking show I watched this afternoon, inspired our dinner - Spaghetti a limone. So delicious! I even used fresh basil from our garden. Now if I only lived on the Amalfi coast and had a lemon tree in my backyard!

EZ has also been very helpful in doing laundry and dishes today. He likes to pass me the clean dishes, one by one, to put away.

We're waiting for our friend to come by to go for a walk tonight. Maybe we'll go for ice cream to try to beat the heat!


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