Saturday is a special {super jam-packed} day!


Yesterday was a BUSY day! I love Saturdays. We just get so much done.

We all slept in till 8:30 (!!!), then got ready for the day. We drove downtown all together. EZ and Adair went to Kindermusik class, and I went to the Farmers Market which is held downtown. Also, my favourite local furniture/paint store was having a big, blowout sale today, so that was extra incentive to get there EARLY! I'm on the hunt for a bench/settee sort of thing for our dining room, and we need paint and lots of it {since we are undertaking some major projects for the house!}.

The paint was on SALE! YAY! We got paint for our dining room, kitchen cupboards, mid century dresser find from the Salvation Army, and mirror in the main bath. I couldn't find the perfect bench/settee {soooooo hard to find!}.

We then walked around the market while our paint was being tinted. We bought some delicious baked fresh apple and cherry strudels, roasted garlic and plum sauce, thai fresh rolls, and tiny sweet yellow plums. Unfortunately, my favorite cupcake stand, Flourgirls, didn't have their booth out today. Maybe next weekend?

We brought our paint home, tried to feed EZ some lunch, then we tried to make him have a nap while we get busy on our painting projects. Adair is painting the dining room today, and I'm tackling the main bath mirror. Eventually EZ caught his sleep and we were able to make a dent in our painting.

Here is a teaser picture of my project!

After EZ's nap, more lunch, more painting, and a bit of the Tour de France, we were able to make it to my sister's country club's pool for some family fun in the sun! We had an amazing time.

After our sunning and swimming, we came home, gave EZ more dinner, tidied, and continued on our projects. I had an enormous craving for spaghetti bolognese. So instead of spending $20 on takeout, I made my own using our garden veggies, including fresh basil and our foot long zucchini! I accidentally put in the wrong vegetarian ground "meat" {Mexican flavoured!}, and it turned out AMAZING! BEST. BOLOGNESE. EVER.

Adair went to Wal-Mart around 10:30pm for some last minute needs before Sunday, and I just relaxed watching PVR'd House Hunters: International - my FAVOURITE show.

'Twas a busy Saturday, but a wonderful day indeed. It always is special to spend the day with family.


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