Not Mad for Plaid


As the kidlets were playing together this morning, I realized they were dressed very similarly -- and VERY un-Mummy Maggie like! Both were wearing PLAID!

Those that know me well understand that I usually abhor anything plaid, but for a few minor exceptions - classic red plaid in  a cool way {like these Minx nails!} or a fun colour combination with modern style.  

I decided that the plaid shorts on both kids met the criteria for acceptable plaid, and therefore decided to take a photo. Or seven.

Taking photos of my 2 kiddos together is like herding cats.
I'm camera-ready! Look at me? Little A who?

Mummy, how many pictures are you going to take? BORING!

EZ says, "What doin' Viva?" as she stuffs her face with some unknown object.

Finally - a half-decent, albeit fuzzy photograph of the kidlets in their plaid shorts!


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