It's POPPIN' - A Hip New Kid-Friendly App :)


As a Mummy, I'm always on the hunt for the coolest & latest App to keep my kidlets occupied engaged on the iPad and iPhone. EZ LOVES "his" iPad - he always corrects me that it is HIS iPad, donchyaknow.

Angry Birds is pretty awesome, but I'm not sure it's actually TEACHING my kiddos anything...except how to slingshot colourful birds into buildings, a very marketable social skill, I'm sure!

So when I learned that my childhood friend {and AMAZING blogger & a wildly talented graphic designer} has created a cool new educational app for your iPhone or iPad, I *HAD* to share it with MY lovely readers!

It's a super fun, kid-friendly app called:

"Make it Pop" by Tryangle Labs

First, who doesn't LOVE to *POP* things?

This amazing app is a great hybrid of good education & good design. It teaches kids numbers, colours & shapes but with a beautifully-pleaseing aesthetic with wonderful eye-catching and well-thought out visuals.  

It engages kids of all ages {and parents too!} with such fun & friendly graphics & audio in a variety of short games that they don't even realize that they are learning!

*POP* the bubbles which cluster together to form shapes!

*POP* the balloons to learn the Alphabet!

Mmmmm...*POP*  and COUNT the popcorn ...and pass the vegan butter!

Even the youngest of kids love to play on the iPad and iPhone. These app is easily accessible to kiddos of all ages :)

Okay. Full Disclosure...

I must admit that I downloaded this app during Church this past Sunday and then spent the next 20 minutes playing it on my iPad. In Church. Yep, that's how I roll. Clearly I liked playing it too - there's just something so satisfying about POPPING something :)

Anyhoo - I hope you check out this amazing new app. I know you won't be disappointed.
Download it here on iTunes.


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