Shattered Glass Door {aka: Blaming the Hockey Stick!}


So the other night, EZ was playing around with his hockey stick.  The result is demonstrated in the photos above and below:

 Did I mention EZ isn't yet 3?!

Big A had just left out the front door and EZ really wanted to go with him. I just got home from work, so I was munching on dinner when I heard a loud bang. I didn't think much of it because EZ was "playing hockey" in the front entry way, and his stick makes a loud sound when it hits the floor.
Shortly after he slyly entered the living room and sat on the couch. Definitely strange behaviour, but kids are fickle, so again, didn't think much of it. 

Then I heard the crackling. Quiet, yet consistent. At first I thought it was Ginger eating a dog treat, so I went to investigate. The I saw the door. Oh dear. 

EZ came running and said that it was his hockey stick. I asked if he did it, and he said he hit it with his hockey stick. He felt so bad. I wasn't mad, just grateful the glass didn't fall onto the little dude. Lucky us!  He said sorry and that he didn't mean to do it.  It was adorable how apologetic he was. 
Even the next day, he said sorry when he saw it and the said, "My hockey stick did that." 

Big A came home right away and taped cardboard to it so it wouldn't fall over.  And now it's getting fixed. No harm done, but do we ever have a story to tell him when his older.
...Unless he pulls down the Christmas tree too...


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