Little A {12 months}: Welcome to ONE-derland


Our little Snowflake has entered ONE-derland!

This past weekend we celebrated Little A's 1st birthday.

{Check out for my post about her birth :)}
It's amazing how much she's changed, even in the last couple of months.  Click here for Little A's one month photo & click here for months one, three & seven - What a difference!

 We took her to the doctor today, so here are her updated stats:
  • 19 lbs 4 oz - 50th percentile in weight
  • 31 inches - off the charts in height!
This little lady is going to be a super model, I tell ya!

She's wearing a 9 month onesie in the photos above. She's really thin & long, so it's hard to figure out what clothing size she is. But we somehow manage to keep her clothed, ahem

She has mastered walking and climbing the stairs, but when she tumbles she has the ninja-like ability to avoid bumping her head {unlike her brother!}. EZ is pretty good at playing gently with her, but sometimes he doesn't know his strength -- but she can roll with the punches, literally & figuratively.

She has 6 top teeth & 4 bottom teeth & loves to chew absolutely everything and anything she can get her hands on.
Little A at 12 months LOVES:
  • Her big brother EZ - he can do no wrong in her eyes
  • Chatting & laughing with everyone she sees
  • Clapping & waving - she's a very social bebe
  • Playing with EZ's cars & trains {luckily her caregiver gave her a doll for her birthday!}
  • Eating veggies & noodles - she's actually ok with anything you put in front of her. I love this stage before the kidlets start to have opinions about such things!
  • Playing with her cousins
  • Climbing the stairs
  • Her HATS! She needs her hat to sleep, and also to keep her little bald head warm. She does NOT like flowery brain-squeezer headbands though, much to my chagrin :(


Sherika Lovett Alston December 6, 2011 at 1:05 AM  

She is gorgeous! Runway her she comes! :) My daughter who is 14 months can still wear 9 month tops also! Happy Birthday to your little A!

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