StickyGrams for my Instagram Obsession


It feels like I'm constantly using Instagram for all the photos I take with my iPhone. I love how the filters make the simplest photos special.

I currently have an iPhone 3G so the quality of the photos is not so great, but Instagram manages to instantly improve the look of the photos from grainy to hip & grainy on purpose :)

I tried to print the photos before but they turned out bad, so I was always wondering how I could get tangible copies of my cool Instagram photos. 

Enter StickyGram!

I happened upon this website StickyGram that prints out a sheet of 14 1 x 1 magnets of your favourite Instagram images. I got two and gave them to Big A for Christmas! 

Aren't they cool? It's like our fave images from 2011 all in magnets :)


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