We have a Winner from the SCENTSY GIVEAWAY!


Thanks for being so patient, friends. It's been crazy around here lately. Does anyone else have debilitating colds that won't go away? #annoying
Anyway, without further ado -- the winner is...

Comment #2: Kelly from Bendel Life!

She wrote:

Maggie - I wish I could get Scentsy here you don't find it very often.
I'm in Canada for the Holidays so I should count as Canadian or?
I like the sounds of Whiteout & Skinny Dippin'
Kelly and I grew up together, and now she's living in Germany! So exciting! Kelly - I sent you a message, so contact me straight away!

Thank you to ALL who participated in the Scentsy Giveaway, and a BIG THANK YOU to Sarah - the Sponsor of the Giveaway! Be sure to check out her Scentsy website for ALL the Scentsy goodness!


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