Our Christmas Tree! 2011 Edition


So the Christmas Season is here! Very exciting! We *finally* managed to get our tree up this past weekend! Big A likes real trees {and I do too, except the gay designer guy inside of me wants a Black Glittery tree or even a Hot Pink feather tree!}. 

Anyway, our tree is HUGE. In a good way. It's funny how life changes. When I was younger, all I wanted was one of those monochromatic decorated trees, like all white - but now I'm all about FUN COLOUR! Hence, the addition of pink and purple. Last year I added the blue. And the year before that I added the green.

We watched "Elf" while decorating the tree {which I rented for $5 from iTunes then realized it was on TV for FREE a couple of hours later. That's my life!}.

The kiddos had fun decorating the tree with our glittery shatterproof ornaments.  We still have a couple of remnants from our pre-kid Christmas tree days, but most of them broke in the Great Christmas Tree Collapse of 2008. I guess it was a sign of things to come.

Don't mind the shirtless EZ - he's figured out to put his own clothes on, which means he can also take them off. Don't worry, he was wearing pants! We have *some* self-respect & decorum in our house! But isn't that Santa hat adorable? Yes, it's sequined. Don't tell him when he's 15 that his Mummy used to make him wear sequins :)

Little A, on the other hand, would have NONE of the glittery Santa hats. There was too much to explore! She got into every little box and made sure she fully inspected each ornament's shatterproof-ness!


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