Christmas Eve 2011 Magic


After dinner on Christmas Eve, we decided to take a drive to look at the festive Christmas lights. It's a tradition in my family, as I'm sure it's a tradition in others too. It makes me feel nostalgic for my childhood Christmases, especially because I'm away from my family this year...*sniff* :(

We found this really cool place near our town where this business owner goes ALL OUT with his light & diorama displays. EZ was totally in his element! {Little A slept through all the fun!}.

We also started a new tradition of opening one present {NEW PJS!} on Christmas Eve too. The kidlets looked so cute in their festive jim-jams!

The top L photo needs explanation. I asked EZ to put his head closer to the cookies so I could take a better photo. This is what we ended up with and wouldn't change his position -- so we just rolled with it!
We got home pretty late after looking at the lights, so we quickly put out cookies & milk for Santa {Santa is NOT a vegan, by the way!}, then laid out the reindeer food {oats & a carrot!} on the porch because everybody knows that reindeer don't come in the house.


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