Mummy's Got New Shoes!


As Spring is quickly progressing, and most of my beloved shoe collection is back in Ontario, Mummy needed some new shoes to tide me over.

So I spoiled myself this past weekend with several pairs. All shoes were purchased in Fort McMurray :)

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 I'm not a "heels girl" AT ALL, but I absolutely loved these shoes. Yep, they are crazy high {like 6 inches!}, but the platform is high too, and they are amazingly comfortable. I wore them for 3 hours straight which is a world record for me. I usually last about 8 minutes in heels. So I ADORE them!

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 I saw these cute lower-heel sandals, and I loved the stripes and colours! I had to have them! And they're only $40!
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 Even though my 1st pair of Toms ripped right away, I've still worn them for almost a year. But I need a new pair, so I found these super cute denim Toms! And they are VEGAN! They are soooo comfortable!
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I've always coveted Sanuk's Sidewalk Surfers, and I saw these adorable and comfortable sandals/shoes.  I love them. And they are VEGAN too! Love me some vegan, earth-friendly shoes :)


Not to be outdone, Little A found a cute pair of shoes of sparkly Tiny Toms-esque slip-ons from Payless!

Aren't they adorable?
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