May Day!



 I can't believe it's MAY already! And I can't believe I didn't even post ONCE is April. Sorry about that. We've just been enjoying ourselves exploring our new town and settling into our new {albeit temporary!} digs. Our two bedroom condo is small compared to our old 2500 sq ft house in Ontario, but we're making do -- living simply. 

So what have we been up to in April?
Let's see...

1. HOUSE HUNTING - the house market here is a little bananas. The house prices are about TRIPLE the prices in Ontario. A tiny condo like the one we're in is about $380K. A detached house similar to our home in Ontario is over a $1 Million. Yep - you read that right - a million bucks +++ for about 2500 sq ft. We're at the point now when looking at houses when you see a $850K house and think it's a steal. I guess we're desensitized to the insanity. Our house hunting at first was mostly educational, so until I have a job, it's on hold.

2. FULL-TIME MUMMY - So I'm home with both kids full time for the first time ever. The kids are very busy, and sometimes a wee bit grumpy, but overall we're having a blast! This is a precious time and I'm appreciating every moment because they are growing up so quickly. We go for walks, exploring the amazing trail system, go on playdates and spend HOURS at the park {meeting new friends}almost everyday. I also am busy doing domestic chores to keep the house organized. You can't hide mess in a tiny place like this!

3. YOGA - I've found a yoga teacher I really enjoy so I've been attending a few of her classes. I also start with another yoga teacher this week. I'm really enjoying deepening my yoga practice and learning more about yoga. When I'm not doing yoga, I'm reading about yoga or other health and wellness options. 

4. FAMILY FUN - We've been spending a lot of time with my brother, sister-in-law and their amazing kids. I am so grateful that we're here in Fort McMurray with them. It's been such an easy transition because of their hospitality and generosity. The cousins love playing together and hanging out. We're so lucky!

I'll leave you with a several photos of the little kidlets from April...

New Double Stroller from Kijiji - it's a BOB Revolution. And it's a MACHINE.

EZ's Rockstar future is so bright - he's gotta wear shades!

Little A seems to make this squishy face now for the camera...sigh...
Little A also discovered a new sleeping position. She does this in her crib, in the car seat, and as you can see...on the floor!

Munching on a chocolate covered marshmallow at Mac Island!

EZ showing off his new walkie-talkies!


So I promise to post more diligently about our McMurray adventures! Perhaps I'll even set a goal to post everyday this month! I welcome you {EZ-speak for "you're welcome"}.


Cheltz May 4, 2012 at 6:29 AM  

Wow! The house prices there are insane! Moving w/kids throws everything off -- I can imagine posting during that time either.

And we have that BOB stroller -- great for running, and I can even fit 4 kids in it, in a pinch (2 sit in the foot rests). Great purchase!

Mummy Maggie May 4, 2012 at 2:07 PM  

Yay! You have a BOB - it's awesome. We went through some crazy trails deep in the forest yesterday and fared like a champ! What a great purchase!

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