March Update - We're MOVING!


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Hello Folks, I know it's been way too long that I've neglected this blog. But, as some of you may know, we've been a wee bit busy around here :)

We're moving! And not around the corner -- we're moving across the country -- to Fort McMurray, Alberta

I'm very excited to be a Fort McMurray Mummy, and blog about our new adventures in our new town -- and most importantly -- design & decorate a NEW HOME! 

We're terribly sad {okay, devastated} to leave our family, friends, colleagues, and our lives here in Ontario, but also looking forward to new challenges and experiences. Life can change with every breath we take, and we never want to live with regret, so we're seizing this amazing opportunity and moving across the country!

It's a matter of days now until our big move, so regular blogging should resume sooner than later, full of stories of house-selling {can you believe I have to leave my gorgeous home?!}, house-renting, house-buying, and eventually, house-decorating!


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