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As part of my New Years Resolution, I committed myself to doing more yoga. My yoga practice is still developing, and along the way I came across this amazing CANADIAN {yay Canada!} company called Tiny Devotions that make mala necklaces and stacks.

Click here for a lovely description of what mala beads are :) Be sure to check out their website and blog, and get ready to be inspired!

The beads are actual rudraksha seeds imported from Bali, then 108 beads are made into a necklace with stones or crystals added as a guru bead, which set the intention or energy for the mala. Mala beads are basically prayer beads infused with different energies and healing properties that you can just wear or use specifically in meditation.

When I saw them, I was on a mission to discover more and see them for myself. I went to a local boutique that carries them, but they were sold out.  They said they'd call when they came in. 

But I couldn't wait.

I found them at a local yoga studio, and was immediately drawn to the Pyrite Mala which is a "protective mala that dispels negativity and aids in finding truth" - I'll take that!
Image via Tiny Devotions

 A week later, the boutique called telling me that the malas had come in, so although I already had one, I thought I'd just  take a peek anyway:)  

Then I fell in love with this one - the Turquoise Ocean Mala, that promotes communication, healing, balance and love. What more can a busy mummy and wannabe yogini ask for?
Image via Tiny Devotions
Tiny Devotions also has a Manifesto which I adore! I'm so inspired by it. I need to write my own Mummy Maggie manifesto :)
Image via Tiny Devotions
I adore my mala necklaces, but there two more items that I'm wanting:

The White Jade Highest Potential Mala - Image via Tiny Devotions
The Sacred Stack - Image via Tiny Devotions
 To say I'm a little obsessed is an understatement. I hope you will check out Tiny Devotions and their mala beads, and perhaps you too can inspire some intention, light and love in your life.


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