a great start to a FANTASTIC week!


As my alarm went off at 5:30 am, my first thought was gratitude. I am so grateful that I took the necessary time this weekend to plan my goals. Part of Maggie's Winning Day includes morning AND evening runs, so with a gratfeul and hopeful heart - I laced up my runners and enjoyed the quiet and beautiful morning. I stretched when I got back, went into the backyard and read the Book of Mormon, and then I meditated! I haven't meditated before. I focused on my breath, and tried to shut out any distractions. I focused on positives flowing into my life, and exhaling negative energy.

Today I'm going to have a GREAT productive day at work. I'm feeling energized and confident. After work, I'm going to go for another run, type out my goals (so I can laminate them!), create 3 scrapbook pages, and then go for a long walk with Ginger & Adair.

Life is so good. I'm so blessed...


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