All I Want for 2008 is to fit into a Size 6 - AGAIN!


The New Year is quickly approaching and I'm SO EXCITED! I love that the New Year always brings an unabashed optimism for all good things to come. This year, I'm not going to outline numerous resolutions, but instead - I want to focus on ONE THING...


I'm turning 29 this year and I want to get serious about treating myself and my body well. I want to achieve and maintain my ideal body. I want to be an amazing bellydancer [I also want to perform and teach bellydance]. I want to be a stronger runner and run another few half-marathons. I want to be a savvy and creative entrepreneur. I want to CREATE! I want to read more novels that inspire me to contribute. I want to love more fully and deeply. I want to be more confident and trust myself more. I truly want to just feel good about myself and 2008 will be dedicated to that luxurious, indulgent and integral pursuit of my authentic self.


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