Sahara Dreaming


While the wind and snow is blustering outside, my mind turns back to only one month ago, when we were climbing the massive sand dunes of the grand Sahara desert in Morocco. The air was dry and hot, so hot that our guides would not allow us to trek through the dunes until late afternoon. Being on top of the majestic dunes is exhilarating. I remember feeling on top of the world, and yet so small and insignificant. Traveling to the Sahara desert was a momentous, and dare I say it, a life changing experience. Both the Mister and I deemed our Sahara excursion to be the best part of our whole vacation [which is saying A LOT!]. I think it was more than the picturesque landscape, it was the sensual feeling - the THRILL, the EXCITEMENT, the AWE - of being in such a unique part of the world. Now back in the Great White North, I can always dream of the Sahara...


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