So tomorrow is my 4th u/s. It's one of those 3D/4D u/s. It should be cool to see how the baby's developed in the last couple months. We get a CD w/ approx. 30 pics on it, 2 4x6 photos, and a DVD of the baby's movements during the u/s. Gotta love technology! My mom was laughing with me that when she was pregnant with me, she saw the doctor only twice before giving birth, and she doesn't recall having any u/s at all.

As far as the gender assessment goes, I'm hoping for the best but gearing up for the worst. It feels like I've been waiting forever to find out this baby's gender. Apparently people find out at 12 weeks, and I'm now going into my 29th week with NO luck so far. I'm pretty frustrated. The baby's moving A LOT - so many backflips, kicks, and swishes that s/he better be on his/her best behaviour tomorrow! I'm totally drinking a bottle of coke before my u/s too - orange juice won't cut it this time!

Late last night I got into a nesting frenzy, that I channeled into cleaning out my scrapbook room [which will soon become the new guest room] - apparently there is going to be less room for "art" in my life once this kidlet comes! I should clarify that I didn't CLEAN or even ORGANIZE, I just "sorted out" and "re-discovered" what was in unlabeled boxes leftover from our move 18 mos. ago. I found some important docs that were never correctly filed. I found LOTS of junk that just needs to be thrown out once and for all. But I also found a box of my art, writing, awards and photos from grade school! Literally from kindergarten up to grade 6, I found these amazing little gems. So many new things to scrapbook before the baby comes! It was just to lovely to recall old friends from Alberta and northern Ontario. It was actually pretty cool to see how I've been able to keep in touch with these friends from my past via FB etc. - these are the important things in life. As a soon-to-be mommy, I can now see how vital it is preserve these precious photos, tokens, trinkets of my babe's life. Better to start sooner than later. Time sure flies!


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