New House Update!


I'm sure you'll forgive me for my infrequent blogging. This past week has been manic since we moved on Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday. But it's definitely worth the effort.

Here are some things we've noticed so far about our new house:

1. This house is much bigger than our townhouse. By about 800 sq. ft. It's a challenge to fill, but at the same time, it has vast amounts of storage. I actually have a place for everything, so unpacking {although annoying} was/is a breeze.

2. There's a wasps nest or something like that at our front door. Vast amounts of Raid are necessary for the present. Perhaps we'll need a professional.

3. The house needs to be painted. During our walk-throughs, we never really noticed all the touch-ups that are necessary. Also the trim is off-white - which I cannot stand. It NEEDS to be white, preferably Benjamin Moore Cloud White.

4. We're glad we didn't purchase any light fixtures or furniture for the new house because we've already revamped the design. We also have an interior designer coming tomorrow, so we can expect for changes.

5. Double garages ROCK! Especially ones with garage door openers, work benches, bright lighting, and even a FRIDGE! We can have a party in our huge double garage!

6. Our backyard is also gi-normous! Much bigger than we remember and lots of room for EZ and Ginger to play in. It has a patio and is fully-fenced. It has a big shed which we don't need so we're selling that on Craigslist. Now we need a bbq. And a edge trimmer. And a lawn mower.

7. It's not going to take that much money or work to get this house looking gorgeous and decorated to my taste.

8. Our new counter-height kitchen table, albeit not from the pages of Architectural Digest is perfect our family and for entertaining. It really lends itself well to comfortably "hanging out" - which is exactly what we want in our kitchen area.

9. We live 1 minute and 20 seconds from Home Depot. Door to door. Yes I timed it.

10. Moving is such a pain. We are blessed with family & friends who sacrificed their weekend to help us. Thank you to all!

Here are some snapshots of the house. Other rooms are not ready to have their picture taken just yet!

The living room, looking through the kitchen.

The living room and the fireplace. You may ask where the TV is. It's at the store. Unpurchased as of yet.

The dining room. Going to be the jewel box of the house in the next couple of years.

The 2nd floor family room. A huge bedroom was converted to a family room. Better use of space for our family!



Shop Girl* August 3, 2009 at 10:49 PM  

Maggie--it's BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to come see it!!!

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