Skinny Me - LIVE LOVE LOSE! Week One


This past Friday I started at a weight loss wellness clinic. It's going really well so far. It's a huge lifestyle change for me though. I've realized I have to change my palate.

Since getting pregnant last April, I've only been craving crappy, kiddie foods and junk food. I had to eat a lot too because it was the only thing that made me less nauseated. I also avoided aspartame so I was drinking full-sugar sodas. Water gave me bad heartburn, enough that I actually required medication to calm the burning.

After the baby was born, my plan was to sign up for a Fall marathon. But as you are well aware, life is full of surprises and my nerve injury during EZ's delivery prevented me from exercising {let alone walking confidently} for several months.

So here I am. Overweight and unhappy. I decided to do something about it to regain the REAL ME back. I joined this wellness clinic who will monitor my food and water intake. I have also joined the gym. It's a 24 hr gym so no excuses. And of course, I always have my passion - Bellydancing!

Friday was the 1st day of my new life. It was hard. But I have to remind myself that:

1. I've done this before. I've lost 70 lbs before completely unassisted.

2. Eating healthy isn't hard. It's a pleasure. Childbirth is hard. Running marathons is hard. Not eating junk food - not so hard. Just a mind-set change.

3. Be 100% HONEST. Cheating on this lifestyle is not only cheating myself -- it's actually cheating my baby. And my baby is more important than fast food drive throughs.

4. I've got to choose to be active everyday. It's a choice. I must make working out a priority.

5. It all adds up. Parking far away from the store so I have to walk further. Go into the bank to get $ from the ATM - don't do drive-through banking. Running up & downstairs at the new house. Cardio is easy to fit in and every little bit counts.

6. Avoid TV. Not only do you just sit and veg in front of a tv, but the ads make me hungry! I'm a total sucker for advertising, so if I see an ad for a juicy cheeseburger or decadent chocolate - then that's all I can think about.


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