Seven months old today!!!


Little EZ isn't so little anymore!

Ezra is now seven months old.

He's a wonderful baby who is growing up so fast!

Here's his latest developments:

  • He's mastered crawling. He's super fast and he can crawl anywhere!
  • He's now trying to stand up. He's always on the lookout for some leverage to help him stand. His current favourites are the kitchen chairs and the stairs.
  • He's a tough kid and way more adventurous than me. He's the kind of child that when he falls down, he rarely cries and just gets up again to tackle his task {usually trying to stand up}.
  • He's starting to shuffle too. He stands up, using his Bumbo chair for support, then shuffles throughout the room.
  • He's loving eating new foods. We've tried lots of veggies, so I think we'll be moving onto fruit too.
  • He's still mastering the Bottle, but Mummy goes back to work tomorrow so he's options are going to be extremely limited.
  • He loves hanging out with daddy and doing work around the new house! EZ just loves to be active!
  • He has 5 teeth and more poking through - and he's suffered through the teething process like a champ!


Shop Girl* August 9, 2009 at 9:56 PM  

Happy 7 months, EZ!

How are you feeling about going back to work?? Excited?? Sad??

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