Some Spring Shots


Back in April, in the early stages of my 2nd pregnancy, I was a bit quiet on this blog. I was still taking tons of photos of EZ, but somehow couldn't find the energy to post them on the blog.

Here's a sample of my faves!

EZ just loves playing outside!

In the Spring, EZ discovered airplanes. At that time, however, he called all moving vehicles "cars". So everytime he saw an airplane, he yell, "Car! Car!" Very cute.

Love this photo of my little EZ. He's just soooooo adorable!

This photo is a bit blurry, but I heart his sweet dimples so much!

He adores his car. He's always in his car, and he likes to bring toys into the car with him. There's a tiny little trunk in the back of the car where he likes to put his treasures.


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