Sweetest Moments {and a little TMI}


Yesterday evening I started to feel nauseated {yes, I'm STILL having "morning sickness" at 23 weeks!} and had to run to the powder room.

{That's the TMI part - not too bad}

When I came out of the washroom, I had my hand on my head and immediately laid down on the couch in the living room. EZ noticed that I wasn't well, and put this hand on his head just like me and made the sweetest concerned little face. He said, "Ohhhhh" and ran over to me and gave me a hug! Isn't he adorable?

Then, while I was still lying down, I asked him where the baby is. He lifted up my shirt and pointed to my belly, and said, "Babybabybabybaby!" It was beyond cute!

Unfortunately this cute moment will not be captured on video, because frankly, no one except for my doctor needs to see my belly right now!


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