Best dressed baby


So ever since I found out that Bean #2 is a girl, I've begun accumulating some cute clothes.

The most recent finds have been at Zara.  Their website is completely useless, so I can't show you pics, but here are my own pics of my most recent purchases:
Cord Harem Pants - so Euro-chic. 

Tweed shorts - so tiny and cute.  Perfect with tights and boots for a winter's day.

There are SO many cute girl clothes out there that I've decided to buy ONLY what I love!  And honestly, {though you may not believe it}, really narrows the purchasing field.  I like A LOT, but I only love a few.

I'll keep posting good finds as I come across them.


Eujean September 6, 2010 at 8:39 AM  

Oh my gosh I love those tweed shorts!!!! Tweed is so hot this fall - love it!

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