This was my Saturday.


  • Wake up at 6am
  • Shower and wash hair {a big deal since I've discovered dry shampoo}
  • Dress and prepare breakfast
  • Watch PVR'd episodes of Oprah, Nate Berkus,The Tudors
  • Leave house at 8pm
  • Arrive at 3D Baby ultrasound place by 8:45
  • Look at amazing pics of Bebe #2
  • Pay my $183 for 20 pics on CD, including a cheesy $13 "Baby Whirl" photo stream, that I was guilted into buying by the salespeople at the 3D Ultrasound place
  • Shopped for Ez's Halloween costume and some cool clothes
  • Came home for a brief snack
  • Braved the lines at Wal-Mart for a "quick trip" that always ends up being a 30 min adventure
  • Went to a birthday party!
  • Came home. Ez napped and dad stayed home so mom could go see "Easy A". Yep. You read that right.  I am officially 15 years old.  I actually brought a 15 yr old girl with me so as to avoid the complete shame of seeing a teen flick on my own
  • Drove to a good mall, where we conveniently choose to have dinner with family
  • Bought Ez's cool leather jacket
  • Ate dinner - good food, good company
  • Drove home to change for the General RS Broadcast from SLC
  • Drove 30 mins to the Broadcast
  • Broadcast finished at 9:30pm, drove home
  • Picked up the hubs while Nana babysat, then went to a party
  • Stayed at party till after 11pm
  • Then continued the hot date with my husband at the grocery store. Yes, we did groceries at 11pm on a Saturday night.  That is relationship building :)
  • Got home at 12 midnight.
  • Went to sleep at 1am.  
  • My alarm went off again at 6am on Sunday...


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