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I've been meaning to post this for quite some time.  But we've had major technical difficulties in our house.  

Shortly after beginning my pre-mat leave vacation, my computer crashed.  Seriously.  It just gave up the ghost.  I knew it was coming.  The computer had the death rattle in her voice every time she turned on.  We knew the end was near.

We just didn't imagine it would be at the most inopportune time EVER. 

Anyway, after much anguish, time and because of the generosity of my parents, we have a new computer.  An iMac no less.  We are so completely blessed.  
Now I'm able to blog and upload gratuitous photos of my new hair extensions - oh yes, and lots of photos of my 2 kidlets too. Ahem.

My sister jokes that I look like a Kardashian.  I think that's a compliment? Anyway, my life is all about the hair now.  Thank goodness I'm on mat leave so I have time to do my hair.  Just kidding.  Right?


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