Introducing Aviva Zara!


This gorgeous little girl joined our family last Friday.  She's healthy and lovely, and we adore snuggling with her.  

{She adores being snuggled too - 24/7}. 

My c-section went smoothly and I feel amazing.  I came home less than 48 hours after delivery - a much different scenario than my last delivery.

Things at home are great.  It doesn't seem that huge of an adjustment to life with a newborn, probably because Little A is so well-behaved and has such a sweet disposition. 

 We are having a great time with her.  EZ loves her too.  He calls her "My baby", and insists on touching her head every time he sees her.  He says, "Awww...soft..."  


Dreamer December 8, 2010 at 10:07 PM  

She's gorgeous Maggie! I love her! and she is so small too!

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