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So often I become so wrapped up in myself and my dramas, that I forget to keep perspective and live the Law of Attraction. I've had numerous powerful experiences since my last post. Once I focused all my energy trying to change a potentially toxic situation at work, and amazingly - the situation completely changed at the exact moment it was about to erupt.

Also - I've named my custom scrapbook business - Scrapendipity Designs. I'm now working on business cards and website. This is a deliciously exciting time in my life. I truly feel that my universe shifts to bring me all good things.

I am going to continue to focus on attracting prosperity and wealth, and I am now adding my perfect weight. My perfect weight is 30 lbs lighter than my current weight. I am asking to be at my perfect weight. I now have to make believe that I am 30 lbs lighter, so I have to LIVE like I'm 30 lbs lighter. I will now:

  • Sweat for 1 hour a day - CARDIO!!! Run, bellydance, ballroom dance, salsa dance, etc.
  • Eat CLEAN - always make healthy choices
  • Drink 5 L/water daily
  • Sleep 7 hrs/ night
  • Visualize ME at my PERFECT WEIGHT
I know that whatever I can conceive - I CAN ACHIEVE. I am so grateful for the power of the Secret manifested in my life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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